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People who are very much depressed and feel all the doors are closed after having consulted to many astrologers & got pujas done, have wasted lots of money, are welcome in full faith to Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya (Astro Consultant) in his Counseling Room to enjoy marvelous results. For any prior appointment & consulting please Contact Us.

No. of Persons involved in Counseling Room :
[A]. Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya (Astro Consultant) AND [B]. You (Client).

Feel secure as just you are discussing your problem to yourself in a room.


  • Peace and Discipline will maintain in this room as soon as the client enters, All remedies are to be done by the individual.
  • The problem you will discuss with Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya will be totally confidential. Your problems and your queries will remain with Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya throughout his life, Either your spouse, parents, siblings or anybody related to you, comes to ask about you, it will not be disclosed at any cost.
  • The job of Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya should be to discuss the positive and negative points of each aspect in the astrological points of view.
  • Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya will lock your astrological details and only he will open in future when you will consult. None other than Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya can open it.
  • In Counseling Room, he uses some techniques in order to study your astrological details effectively and efficiently to give you the best scientific and practical remedies.
  • The remedies that Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya suggests can enlighten the lives of many who feel dejected and pessimistic about their future.


Enjoy a successful experience after an Authentic Counseling by the Astro-Consultant : Mr. Dulal Bhattacharyya. For any prior appointment & consulting please Contact Us.


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Client's Testimonial

" I took Telephonic consultation from him, I was suffering from acute Diabetes, he suggested Me a Gemstone & I got so good results after wearing it that no body could imagine. I would rather say him World Famous Doctor Dulal Bhattacharryya. "
Darren M Anderson, New York

Dulal Bhattacharryya

Dulal Bhattacharryya [Jyotish Padmabhusan, Jyotish Padma Shree] -A Renowned Astro-Consultant, Self Healer and Colour Therapist. Mobile No. : +91-9830450702.

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