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Value of Astrology

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Astrology & Numerology have lost their faith in the recent past. It is just because of handful of people. There are certain quacks & hawks who have defamed the subjects. People who are very much depressed and feel all the doors are closed after having consulted to many astrologers & got pujas done, have wasted lots of money, are welcome in full faith to Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya, Astro Consultant in his Counselling Room to enjoy marvellous results. In today's scenario people usually visit many astrologers, tantriks, pandits, fortune changers rather than believing only one person. These fake astrologers misguide the innocent people who fall in their traps.

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Information About Astrology

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Astrology is the science of the influence of the planets & stars on human and terrestrial affairs. The planetary motions, their positions & time do have a significant effect on all of us. It is one tool which can help to identify the areas in which anyone's greatest talents, capabilities or weaknesses may lie. Good Astrology will always guide you to avoid mistakes & misfortune through Practical & Scientific Remedies. Every part of the Body is ruled by a Zodiacal sign & every disease is caused by a planet. Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya says that one would consider lucky if you know what is in store for you. For example what profession suits you, which line of study should your child opt for, when will your good period start. All this if you know long before it actually happens, imagine yourself all this is predicted in advance by the Astro Consultant.

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Dulal Bhattacharryya

Dulal Bhattacharryya [Jyotish Padmabhusan, Jyotish Padma Shree] -A Renowned Astro-Consultant, Self Healer and Colour Therapist. Mobile No. : +91-9830450702.

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