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  • HOROSCOPE ANALYSIS : Analysing and predicting the charts, interpretation of charts, Faults & Scanning of charts.
  • EDUCATION : Higher Education, Professional Education, Education Abroad, Prizes & Awards, Success in Competitive Exams, Interviews, Scholarships, Group Discussions in Entrance Exam.
  • NAME SUGGESTING : Name Suggesting for babies for smooth & obstacles free life. Name suggesting according to positive vibrations to remove unnecessary hurdles of life.
  • CAREER AND HEALTH : Line of career, Field of career to opt for, Life time achievements for smooth career, Longetivity, Major Surgeries, Diseases, Mental Tension.
  • BUSINESS : Corporate Name, Firm Name, Website Name, Trade Mark Name, Product Name, Patent Name, Institution Name, Hospital / Clinic Name, School / College Name, Shop Name, Joint Family Business, Suggestion for Partnership, Auspicious & Important Date, Good or Bad period, Study of Financial Risk, Future Planning, Span of of Success, Peak period, Export & Import Business, Recovery of bad debts, Lucky Dates for New Business Establishments.
  • PROPERTY : Acquisition of property, Timing for purchasing / building a house. Office Denied or Delayed, From whose Name, Size of property, Purpose of property & benefits of property etc., Residential or commercial property.
  • JOBS AND PROMOTIONS : Job, Jobwork, Nature of Job, Designation, Inland & Foreign Job, Private or government job, Transfers in job, Acquiring good job in higher positions, Relations with boss, Peace & Harmony in Office / Factory.
  • MATCH MAKING : Compatibility of Charts for both Male & Female prior to marriage, Auspicious Marriage Dates, Shubh Muhurats etc.
  • MARRIAGE : Auspicious age for marriage of an Individual, Auspicious Date and Time for performing marriage, ceremonies to enhance luck of the couple throughout life.
  • DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE : Husband & wife relationship, Remarriage due to loss of wife / Husband, bitter relations with husband & wife.
  • LUCKY COLORS : Colors reflect the characteristics of a person to a great deal. First of all we should understand that the colors of the clothing we wear, colors of the house, Distemper (paints we use), colors of the curtains, Bed sheets etc. do play a major part in our life. Whenever any bad or unlucky period is to come in the life of a person, the nature makes the person attracted towards the hostile colors. Thus color therapy do play a significant role in Human life.

Client's Testimonial

" I took Telephonic consultation from him, I was suffering from acute Diabetes, he suggested Me a Gemstone & I got so good results after wearing it that no body could imagine. I would rather say him World Famous Doctor Dulal Bhattacharryya. "
Darren M Anderson, New York

Dulal Bhattacharryya

Dulal Bhattacharryya [Jyotish Padmabhusan, Jyotish Padma Shree] -A Renowned Astro-Consultant, Self Healer and Colour Therapist. Mobile No. : +91-9830450702.

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