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  • Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya's predictions are not entirely based on the twelve Zodiac signs or Rashi Zodiac signs which is generally used by so called Pandits, Astrologers etc.
  • Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya suggests very effective, simple and practical remedies which improves your destiny and then luck showers on the individual at a very rapid speed.
  • Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya strictly deals with those clients who have got their accurate Date, Time and Place of Birth. Remedies will be given for right work and smooth path only.
  • The decision about visiting client's place on special request, would be at the sole discretion of Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya depending on his pre-occupancy.
  • Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya can help you in discovering your strengths and weaknesses, your deep inner needs, emotional reactions, talents and ways to deal with others. For convenience of clients, Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya suggests to take Prior Appointment before consultation.
  • The remedies of your queries will be translated to you in English in case of E-mail and letter, but in case of Personal Counselling & Telephonic Conversation Languages like Hindi, English, Bengali can very easily be spoken.
  • Mr. Dulal Bhattacharryya suggests Gemstones which will improve your financial as well as social status in the society. He only recommends stones, but does not sell stones neither does he recommend any Jeweller to purchase from.
  • He has sound knowledge to ascertain which Gem (s) would suit best to his client so that the results may be excellent.

Client's Testimonial

" I took Telephonic consultation from him, I was suffering from acute Diabetes, he suggested Me a Gemstone & I got so good results after wearing it that no body could imagine. I would rather say him World Famous Doctor Dulal Bhattacharryya. "
Darren M Anderson, New York

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Dulal Bhattacharryya

Dulal Bhattacharryya [Jyotish Padmabhusan, Jyotish Padma Shree] -A Renowned Astro-Consultant, Self Healer and Colour Therapist. Mobile No. : +91-9830450702.

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